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Places of interest

Foto: Festung
Foto: Opelvillen

From the fort to Opel’s main portal
Numerous places of interest in the town centre tempt you to find out more about Rüsselsheim. Visitors already experience the most important stages of Rüsselsheim’s history on the short walk from the fort to Opel’s main portal.
The imposing fort
The oldest sight to see is the fort which dates back to the year 1399. On the ramparts which are accessible on foot and in the excavated east round tower, visitors get an impression of the imposing fort and grounds.
The fort is also the home of the Town and Industry Museum which is well worth a visit. The museum clearly illustrates the connection between social history and the history of industry.
Art Centre Opel Villas
Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the Opel Villas are situated between the fort and the Town Park and today house the Art Centre. Mainly works of classical Modern Art are exhibited here.
Only a few meters away from the Opel Villas, the Late Romantic Verna Park (Town Park) with its castle ruins and imitation mill tempts visitors to linger a while.
The Opel Factory – before and after
On your tour of the town you shouldn’t miss the “memorial” on Löwenplatz. (Lion Square) It marks the place of Adam Opel’s first workshop and reminds us of its initial size in comparison to today’s factory.
Route of the “Industry Culture”
Through the Opel Villas and the Opel Factory with its main portal you come into close contact with the history of industry in Rüsselsheim. This is why the town is also part of the Rhine-Main “Industry Culture” Route. The route stretches from Miltenberg to Bingen and sharpens the visitor’s and citizen’s awareness of monuments to the history of industry. In addition the Region of Culture Frankfurt Rhine-Main holds ever-changing events pertaining to this route.